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TWOTY Award 2015

[30 OCTOBER 2015]

"The Awards were created to professionalize the area's of expertise in trend watching, trend forecasting and futurizng. We make a distinct difference between the Awards, between the visions of today, tomorrow and the visions about the world in 20 or 30 years. What are the effects of change? The future is an immense area and more and more people pay attention to it. We also want to bring less-known trend watchers into the spotlights - to bring and open new eyes to the audience of opinion makers and decision makers",as Andrea Wiegman, founder of the TWOTY explains. "The TWOTY showcases experts with an inspiring vision on change today. They bring new insights: trend watchers in all categories are creative - they think from many perspectives ... in chances ... in possibilities, rather than in problems. They definitely bring new topics to the agenda. That's why this is an important award."


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