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Team Sweegers and Bruijn in the Doe & Durf Competition

So Now helped the team from Sweegers and De Bruijn with its submission for the Doe & Durf Competition in 2016.

Doe & Durf (Do & Dare) is a competition where teams of engineers from a variety of backgrounds and companies are prompted to use their creativity, their skills, and their expertise to develop an innovative solution to social challenges.

In 2016, the theme for the competition was: ‘City of the future, innovation for urban development’’. At the time, one of the Netherlands’ leading retailers reached bankruptcy, resulting in many deserted warehouses and shopping centers. The objective of the competition was to find a new purpose for the unused retail space with a vision of building a future city.

The team of engineers from Sweegers and De Bruijn possessed all the necessary technical skills; So Now helped them to imagine and envision what that future city would look like.

So Now, with its skill and experience in storytelling, guided them in finding a narrative for this future.

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