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Shaman's Kiss: On the Future of Music

The capsule kicked in – hard. His saliva dissolved the hull and activated the substance within. As the medicine entered his bloodstream, its effects started to emerge. His pineal gland roused, his brain waves altered. Pupils dilated, he started seeing geometric images, frequencies, and music brought to vision and touch.

He recalled buying the capsules. "Shaman’s Kiss", the seller had called his product, “A blend of revered herbs, once the realm of shaman and medicine men, now available to the public.”

It had sounded too good to be true.

Yet after millennia of ritual use and decennia of scrutinizing medical studies, no side effects had been found. John made sure to double check; he did not want to waste his valuable life and health. Before imbibing them, he wanted to be absolutely sure of the safety of the capsules. But all his sources, both scholars and those at street level confirmed: these herbs would do him no harm.

No brain damage, no depression. Mere an instant plunge into the dream-state, seeing the world through new eyes; understanding the patterns of nature, of life – and therefore of humanity.

In times long gone it would have taken him years of silent seclusion and meditation, before reaching this state of bliss and insight. Now, there was revelation for all. Kicking capsules, he indulged into vision. The altered state of mind the street seller had promised, actually materialized.

‘Finally, a product that does what it says’, he told Jade, his girlfriend.

‘…And at a fair price, too,’ she finished the sentence for him, nodding to the beat, entranced. ‘You always say that when you find a bargain that does not turns out to be crap,’ she muttered, more and more encapsulated in her own visionary experience.

She did not need the supplements or capsules. Jade had been training; reprogramming her brain to strengthen the neural connections like the herbs aided his. Almost at the professional level, all she had to do was meditate and plug into the pathway in her brain that connected the pineal gland to the brain stem, revealing all that remained hidden for those who did not know, or did not remember.

Their sense of touch heightened, increased. The sonar waves of the music translated into waves of tingling emotions, first entering the energetic field of their body and then touching upon and rippling over their skin. All frequency was vibration, becoming pattern and geometry.

The club around them changed. The dim and dark place it had been until moments ago,

transformed. Its morphogenetic field became visible, as did sound. Even the heartbeat of the other clubbers became perceptible. It showed as the fluttering, colourful image of electro-magnetic pulse, emitted by the torus field of their hearts.

Amazed, he wondered at the symbols and patterns of Sacred Geometry. From both alchemy and math, he had learned of these building blocks of nature. From this perspective, all was connected. All was one. Source created the ten thousand things, amongst which he thrived.

It was all so overwhelming. John held Jade’s hands tightly, afraid of losing his balance. She looked so beautiful tonight, making him fall in love with her all over again. Her inner calm and peace translated into a steady stream of vibrations. Love, light, love, light.

To his surprise, he felt the same wonder gazing at the other clubbers. The mere sight of their vibration moved him to tears. He looked straight into their souls. What he found there was pure beauty. His senses heightened, he let go and surrendered to light, sound, music, form.

In their blend of vibrational bliss, all were equal. Everything that remained hidden was revealed to him. He surrendered to the sound…and understood.

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