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RHT RMF GAIL Sustainability Day

[26 JUNE 2019 / Singapore]

To highlight the success of sustainable practices amongst ASEAN businesses, the RHT Rajan Menon Foundation hosted an inaugural RHT RMF GAIL Sustainability Day on June 26th at the Sentosa Golf Club.

The RHT Rajan Menon Foundation partakes in various charity projects and outreach programmes which contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In recognition of the urgent need to promote sustainable consumption, the Foundation has recently launched its new initiative GAIL (Greening ASEAN: Initiatives & Leadership) with the aim of supporting ASEAN companies in their transition towards a green economy. 

The GAIL Sustainability Day brought together over 250 individuals and organizations over the course of three events: a charity golf tournament, a sustainability forum, and Gala Awards. Measures were taken to minimise our ecological footprint such as using paperless registration and QR codes instead of hardcopy handouts. 

So Now moderated the panel discussion on Exemplary Cases of Circularity for Business in Asia, where panelists from companies Impossible Foods, Schneider Electric, The Fashion Pulpit, and H&M explored the impacts and models for circularity in businesses. Through panel discussions and an interactive workshop, the Sustainability Forum invited experts, business leaders and industry practitioners to reflect on the progress and actions that drive sustainability in our growing market. 

In addition, So Now was a judge for the GAIL Gala Awards, attributed to 13 organizations across six award categories to celebrate their outstanding efforts in promoting sustainable development. All in all, So Now is grateful to have taken part in this opportunity to unite sustainable leaders and enhance our endeavours to achieve sustainable development. 


More information on RHT RMF GAIL Sustainability Day

Read the press release here

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