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Our work with ECOR

So Now Asia is collaborating with ECOR to implement Circular Economy models in the ASEAN region.

ECOR is a lightweight, high performance, clean, VOC-free, green panel that is 100% recycled and recyclable.

With ECOR, Noble Environmental Technologies provides a scalable technology that turns residue streams from, for instance, agricultural processes, paper production, cardboard, synthetic or textile fiber into high-value ECOR panels and products for a multitude of applications, such as furniture panels, advanced green building materials and displays. ECOR enhances its partners Circular Economy ambitions.

ECOR is made in ECOR Living Factories on a multitude of locations around the globe.

By leveraging its domain expertise in Circular Economy business models and strategy, So Now Asia is working on strategic growth planning to prepare for this game-changing project.

Being a consultancy with a strong focus on quality storytelling, So Now Asia is also crafting a common narrative and marketing strategy for ECOR’s global brand that cuts across multiple continents and cultures.

The partnership between So Now Asia and ECOR is soon to bear fruit: The first factory in Singapore is slated to be built in Summer of 2019.

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