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Ongoing Project with CIRCO

By ‘creating business through circular design’, CIRCO facilitates the implementation of Circular Economy in the creative and manufacturing industry.

CIRCO is a program that was first developed in 2015 in The Netherlands, with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

During a three-day workshop, companies and entrepreneurs from the same value chain or sector re-evaluate their design process and develop a new product, service or business model according to Circular Economy principles.

From its first collaboration with Delft University of Technology, the program has proven to be incredibly successful. Up to this day, over 1000 companies in Holland have participated in the workshop, including So Now’s clients.

So Now is currently working with CIRCO on exporting the program

internationally. The first step was already undertaken during a trade mission to China in April 2018. Seminars were held in Guangzhou and Shanghai to present the Circular Economy program to the packaging industry, amongst other Chinese industries interested in a circular approach.

This ongoing project will undoubtedly help us achieve our Circular Economy aspirations in Asia. For further information or an interest in participation track, please contact us at

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