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Losing Track of Time

The Internet was streaming a peculiar song. The lyrics spoke of losing track of time, its melody like a journey on its own. It reminded her of something she couldn’t quite grasp; it took her back to the time she spent in Tokyo, a decade ago. Some images of the nightlife floated by, but the memory was gone before she could a strong hold of it.

Marga took her phone and opened an e-mail from her office. The e-mail contained nothing but a small invitation with further details on her itinerary and some suggestions on what to bring for clothing and such. How strange, she thought, that this song would come on just as her office sent her more details about her upcoming trip to that particular country. It was as if the universe was working in her favour as after ten years of having not visited Japan, it was due time to go back to the country and reunite with all that she had left behind.

She put her phone down and thought of the conversation she had with her mom the other day. She was already thinking of visiting Japan on a short trip with her friends. Her mom had been very supportive about the upcoming trip, yet also reminded her of that state she had been in when she returned to Europe after living in Japan.

“Mom, ten years ago I did not even recognize my experience as something that you could actually pay for, how could I have known I’d be making it into a business one day? Yeah, of course I’ll be just brought me so much back then and it feels like I am at the beginning of another cycle of my life and that it would do me really good just to get out for a couple of weeks. What better way to test my product then going in myself, right? And I won’t be by myself completely, this guy Jacques will be there as well….yeah, he was also in The Loop back then.” Her mother then reminded her of what an intense period it had been. Nonetheless, she was excited for her new adventure in Japan with Jacques and her product launch.

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