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Looping, or How to Travel By Wormhole

In the past, I had received my first non-time training. I learnt that today still exists, and yesterday does too. But further notions of what was or what will be do no longer makes sense. ‘Time’ as I knew it has ceased to exist. ‘Time’ as we knew it has ceased to exist.

We all float these days.

We open a Loop to visit ‘before’ or find out more about ‘a possible next’. The universe has become the Enclave, all locations just one Loop away. The manipulation of wormholes has proven that spirit-mind controls matter. Physicality limits our ability to move freely about this vast universe of ours. Meditation and spiritual development allow us to explore, allow us to enter the Looping-state.

One cannot start to imagine the use Time once had. How dreary days must have been, stuck in the cycle of yet another sunrise, another sunset and no specific way of influencing the course of your life. We all grew old back then. We all died. As we evolve and become better at looping, we get to understand the workings of the universe better, little by little. We get to know ourselves.

Lately, I’ve heard about babies capable of manipulating wormholes from birth, creating small vortices right by their cradle.

Clearing my mind of images of a life trapped in Time, I sit down in lotus position and enter my supra-conscious state of being. I focus strongly on matter and its fluency. I focus on its ever-changing ability - its light. My brain finds the neural connections needed for star travel, for travel by wormhole. My pineal gland opens up. I start to dissolve.

As I unwind my genes and de-construct myself, I set my mind to what the other side of the Loop might bring. Moving through a Loop allows me to re-assemble. It allows me the re-invent myself, every time I enter. Using my given set of genes I ponder: which version of me will I choose to be? What particular construction of DNA sequences have I not tried out yet? What will I make evolution look like, here, now?

Entering yet another part of the Enclaves, I am full of wonder. I know for sure that this Enclave will help me to evolve further, but how? Depending on locally set rules and surroundings, I might be inclined to stay – or loop further. With an open mind, I step into the light of yet another sun.

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