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Daeta Decides: On the future of Big Data

Today, I received my first non-time training. Today still exists and yesterday too. But six years from now, the concept of weeks, months and years will no longer make sense. Six years from now, time will have ceased to exist.

Training was unpleasant. They said it would be painless and easy. But of course they would say that, everything is painless and easy these days. Any critique or counter movement would have been unheard of in this stage. That sort of thinking was appropriate before, when we set the rules for this Enclave. At that time, we decided to let Daeta decide what was best for us. And so it did. Hence when Daeta told us about the abolishment of time, none of us fought against it. We did what we always did: keep calm and move along.

Two years ago, Medical Daeta claimed time was the greatest source of all stress - and therefore of all diseases - still left in our great city-state today. With all medical data analyzed, it was discovered that with all participants on the same level of balanced nutrition, exercise and mental well-being, stress-related disease was the only thing still causing us to die, the only thing keeping us from immortality.

Unable to think of any reasons to oppose this transition – or to oppose any change put forward by Daeta - my friends and I decided to undergo training together. As a result, Guin returned from her 4 month Savasana and Base took out her VR-lenses for the first time since we’d met.

The nanobots were mailed to our commune. We printed our dosages and I prepared a seaweed-shake to ease digestion. By ritual, we ended time. Then, the nanobots kicked in.

Right now, the bots are painfully undoing time-related neural connections and reviving the primal neural network for cause and effect, based on the natural passing of night and day. I check my notifier and notice that all time related tools have vanished. This is the new now.