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Aqua Assistance: A Family Business

From 2011 to 2016, So Now collaborated with Aqua Assistance, a family-owned business founded in Nuenen, the Netherlands, that ensures clean and affordable drinking water. Together, we worked to shift the organization’s structure towards a Circular Economy business model and crafted a new brand story true to their values.

Aqua Assistance provides technology and expertise to prevent legionella outbreaks in drinking water, bacteria that could lead to harmful disease. A team of administrators, engineers, technicians, and advisors analyze drinking water facilities in hospitals and care facilities. After a thorough analysis of water samples, Aqua Assistance provides individually tailored advice on how to best maintain drinking water quality.

Their approach used to revolve around selling products such as ultrafiltration systems and wireless sensors to help their clients fight off legionella.

The organization trusted So Now to implement an innovative Circular Economy business model. Rather than a product-based business model, Aqua Assistance shifted towards a service-based business model, offering ‘water quality’ as a service. A variety of filtration techniques, sensors, advise on flushing and the such would be tailored to the client’s circumstances at a fixed fee.

This core Circular Economy business model is undeniably successful in boosting and securing a steady income whilst maintaining a low ecological footprint.

Moreover, So Now worked on building a new marketing strategy for Aqua Assistance which forefronted the narrative of a family-owned business. With an emphasis on the qualities of resilience, trustworthiness, and warmth, the company could veer from a purely technical brand image to one which resonated with their family values.

Hence, our collaboration with Aqua Assistance resulted in many great accomplishments not only for the organization’s success but also for our transition towards a Circular Economy in the water sector.

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